Craft Beer is for Vegans, too!

Do vegans drink beer? Of course they do, but what beer drinkers might not know is that not all beer is vegan. This is one of those “vegetarianism myths” that actually proves to be correct, at least some of the time. Different brands and brewers have different recipes and techniques and different beers may have other flavorings to make them unique.

Is Craft Beer in the Can Just as Tasty as Craft Beer Straight from the Tap?

Well, that’s a loaded question. There are a number of factors that go into beer tasting best – and it’s not just during the brew process. There’s always been a long-standing battle of what’s better – tap vs canned beer? There’s nothing like an ice cold canned beer on a hot Summer day, especially when you’re doing yard work or soaking up some sun at the pool. Likewise there’s nothing like heading to a brewery or bar and getting an ice cold brew on tap.

Fruited Sour Beers: What are they?

When brewing a fruited sour, you do so in a process known as “kettle souring”, when you get to the boil stages of your brew, you do an extended boil and add the bacteria during the boil which allows you to sour the beer, but also kill the bacteria.

Fresh Ingredients in Craft Beer? Yes, Please!

Yeasty Brews - Fresh Ingredients in Craft Beer

Finding fresh ingredients in craft beer is an experience like none other. There’s nothing like taking a sip of a brew and getting that fresh, crisp taste from use of the fresh, real ingredients. Adding the right blend of malts and grains or freshly sourced ingredients to a fresh batch of beer can create wondrous […]