Craft Beer is for Vegans, too!

CALLING ALL VEGANS! Craft Beer?! Vegans?! Keep reading. We’ve got some interesting details to share and some tidbits of information that might make you think “ok…tell me more!”

Beer is most commonly made from barley malt, water, hops and yeast, which means it’s usually vegan. YEP! It’s a fact. While some beers clearly advertise their ingredients to show they are not vegan, such as honey beers, others are not always so obvious. 

So, what is craft beer? Craft beer is a type of beer that is made by small, independent breweries. These breweries often use traditional brewing methods and natural ingredients to create their unique beers.

Do vegans drink beer? Of course they do, but what beer drinkers might not know is that not all beer is vegan. This is one of those “vegetarianism myths” that actually proves to be correct, at least some of the time. Different brands and brewers have different recipes and techniques and different beers may have other flavorings to make them unique. 

The basic beer recipe is all vegan-friendly. There are no animal products in sight. Some brewers might add non vegan ingredients to their recipe. For example, some beers have honey extract or lactose. These are usually stated. The problem isn’t really in these ingredients – it’s in the brewing techniques. 

The world’s ever-growing population of plant-based dieters is creating demand for more vegan or vegan-friendly alcoholic drink options. It’s quite rare to visit a bar or local brewery that doesn’t have at least one great vegan food option on its menu, and many smaller breweries, especially here in South Florida, are becoming semi or completely plant-based. Just like here at Yeasty Brews, we have vegan bites and beers that are able to be enjoyed by all! The truth is, almost anyone loves a delicious spinach or corn empanada, right? Fresh is fresh, no matter your palate. 

There are plenty of vegan (plant-based) beers on the market, and if you’re visiting a craft brewery or specialty beer bar, the staff, owners, or bartenders on site will generally know whether their provisions are vegan-friendly or not, and what ingredients have been used in their own specific brewery’s brewing process. The best part about beer, is that there is something for everyone from style, flavor, can and tap, and of course- for our vegan beer drinkers!

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