Is Craft Beer in the Can Just as Tasty as Craft Beer Straight from the Tap?

Well, that’s a loaded question. There are a number of factors that go into beer tasting best – and it’s not just during the brew process. There’s always been a long-standing battle of what’s better – tap vs canned beer? There’s nothing like an ice cold canned beer on a hot Summer day, especially when you’re doing yard work or soaking up some sun at the pool. Likewise there’s nothing like heading to a brewery or bar and getting an ice cold brew on tap. 

There are a number of things that make beers on tap superior to canned beer. The taste is fresher and crisper, the flavor can be superior to what you’d get out of a can or bottle, and you can control the temperature of the beer when it’s in a keg, but you know there’s always a but… this all depends on a number of factors. For instance, beer on tap is normally fresher which impacts the taste of the beer, however, the oxidation is a double edged sword because that same oxidation can degrade the beer. The better job a brewery does at keeping its keg lines clean, the better tasting the beer on tap will be.

Canned beers can sometimes get a bad rap because the more mass-produced beer companies consistently and most commonly use cans to get their products out to the masses, but canned beer has shown to be a much better way of storing beer. Why? Because it preserves the beer better and nothing can get inside of it. This means it can’t be contaminated (unless it already has been). Once inside the can, the flavor will remain the same, and most importantly, if you know beer, you know it’s not a huge fan of light and cans allow absolutely no light inside. 

We think all beer drinkers can agree, there’s nothing like a brew on tap, but honestly, there’s no clear winner as to which is the clear winner! It’s truly all about preference, each way has its positives and negatives. What’s your preference? Now that you know a little bit more about both – it’s the perfect time to head over to your favorite brewery around you and check out their selection of canned beers – match them up to their counterparts on tap and be the true judge of which is better.

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