How to Become an Expert Beer Drinker

Beer is America’s first drink of choice when entering a bar. It’s a classic staple that anyone can enjoy on a Friday night. Most people drink beer by the bottle and leave it at that.

But did you know there’s a better way to enjoy beer? If you’re an avid beer drinker, we’ve got news for you! Anyone can drink a pint of beer, but it takes an expert to know the best food combos and nuanced flavors.

Do you want to know how to take your experience to the next level? Let’s dig in! Here’s how to become THE expert beer drinker.

Choose the Right Glass

First, you want to choose the right glass. Beers with big, strong heads require large glasses.

Depending on the type of beer you’re drinking, you may need a Pilsener glass or a stein. Glasses with curved lips enable you to enjoy concentrated aromas for a fuller experience. Do some research about which glasses fit certain beer styles.

Learn How to Pour Beer

Once you have the right glass, you must ensure it’s clean. Any residue can ruin the beer experience. Tilt your glass at a 45-degree angle and pour the beer slowly down its side.

When you reach the halfway point, level the glass until it forms a head. Allow the foam to settle before filling the rest of the glass.

Train Your Palate

Most beer drinkers can detect malty, citrusy, or bitter flavor notes. However, this is only the beginning! Different types of beer also have unique aromas.

Malt-driven beers have a homey vibe, often smelling like chocolate, coffee, or fresh biscuits. Experts will also detect hints of tobacco or leather. Yeast-driven beers can smell like bubblegum or banana.

Testing a beer is much like tasting wine. After taking the first sip, you never want to swallow immediately. Allow the beer to sit on your palate and try to detect possible flavor notes.

Find the Perfect Food Pairings

When drinking and eating, you want the beer and food to complement each other. Everyone will have different opinions, but it can be mind-blowing to find the perfect beer-food combinations.

Start with the basics: a bitter IPA can even out your palate after eating a citrus-dressed salad. Beer with roasted malt goes best with grilled sausage.

You can also find the best beer-food combos by determining which drinks and meals don’t go well together. Imperial stout can wash away briny seafood. Dark beer and minty flavors will taste like weird toothpaste.

Take a Test

Beer sommeliers are certified beer experts. A Master Cicerone is the highest designation, and passing the test is quite a feat. If you consider beer to be your hobby, you may have what it takes to become a beer sommelier.

You’ll develop an appreciation for beer’s history and an advanced tasting palate. It’ll be a grueling experience, but if you love beer, it’ll be worth it!

Become an Expert Beer Drinker Today

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