Top 10 Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale Over the Weekend

Top 10 Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale Over the Weekend: A Brewmaster’s Guide Hey there, it’s Dan Martinelli, Brewmaster and Co-owner at Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers. When I’m not working on crafting our unique brews, I love exploring the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale. If you’re planning a weekend trip or looking for some […]

How to Become an Expert Beer Drinker

You may enjoy a pint every weekend, but you can become an expert beer drinker right now! Learn how to become a beer expert in this quick guide.

The Best Hard Seltzers of 2023

Yeasty Brews - Craft Brewery

Are you looking for your new go-to hard seltzer? Read here for the best hard seltzers of 2023 to find your new favorite flavor and brand.

4 Benefits of Visiting a Local Brewery

Yeasty Brews, Local Brewery in Fort Lauderdale

Beer is one of the oldest inventions known to man, dating back to at least 4,000 BCE located in what is now, Iraq. However, the oldest brewery currently standing is located in Germany and was established as a brewery in 1040. These days, breweries are a fairly common site and are often great places for […]