Craft Beers vs. Mass Produced Beers

Craft breweries take the time to focus on the palate of the beer they produce, it’s not just about producing a ton of beer, it’s about creating beer that caters to a specific taste and palate.

How Important is a Beer Label Design?

Just how important is the design of a beer can? Does it make the beer more appealing? Does it
taste better if it has a shiny label? The power of marketing is strong and it certainly plays a role
inside our brains when we’re picking out a pack of beer at the store. But what influence does it
have on our purchase?

Does Music Help Create New Ways For You to Experience Your Beer?

Does music change the way beer tastes? Do the vibrations in a loud bar alter the way people
perceive taste? Some people believe that yes, music affects the way beer tastes. It’s no doubt
that eating uses more than just two senses – smell and taste. Would it be so silly to think that
another sense would help us perceive different flavors or textures of food and drink?

The rise of seltzers in the craft beer industry!

As seltzers sweep across the country to win over the beer and non-beer drinkers alike, there have been a few craft beer players to make their way into the seltzer game. You may not think of ‘craft beer’ when you hear ‘seltzer,’ but our craft beer buddies are surely invested in the world of seltzers.

Underrated Craft Beer Style: The Cream Ale

The Cream Ale

One of the most underrated beer style that doesn’t get enough love is the cream ale. It can be tough to find a craft brewery that makes a delicious cream ale anymore. If you find one, try it – if it’s done right, you’ll fall in love with the style.

Top 5 Entertainment Spots in West Broward

Top 5 Entertainment Spots in West Broward

Florida and West Broward are home to an abundance of entertainment and excitement in many forms. There are a ton of different spots to visit when you’re here. From casinos to the Everglades, here are the top five entertainment spots that you should totally visit in West Broward.