The Best Hard Seltzers of 2023

We've all heard that the 90s are coming back, but the last thing any of us trendspotters expected was the triumphant return of Zima! The world of hard seltzers has come a long way since the early nineties, with leaders like White Claw and Truly taking the stage. Today, you can't go far without running into a variety of wild and wonderful seltzer options, from the basic to the bespoke.

How on earth are you supposed to choose?

At Yeasty Brews here in Fort Lauderdale, we consider ourselves experts in unique and flavorful alcohol options—Masters of the Fizz, if you will. We've created this guide to help you discover your new favorite refreshing hard seltzer.

Read on to explore one of our favorite light, bubbly types of alcohol (then stop by Yeasty Brews to see how we do it).

The Best Hard Seltzers

We make our own hard seltzer here in our Fort Lauderdale Brewery, so we think we're qualified to recommend some of the best products on store shelves. We've included our favorites below based on flavor, fizz factor, and originality. If you disagree, we welcome you to stop by and argue about it with our resident brewmasters!

The Most Natural: Vizzy

Yeasty Brews hard seltzer has something in common with alcohol options from the brand Vizzy: we believe in keeping things natural. Vizzy utilizes real fruit juice and pulp, so you'll actually taste the acerola cherry flavor. They use natural cane sugar as their source of alcohol, so you get a sweet fizzy taste without added calories.

The Most Original: High Noon

High Noon does things a little differently, and as local leaders in bespoke brews, we tip our hats to these innovators. Their hard seltzer uses alcohol derived from vodka, giving it a uniquely smooth and slightly bitter taste. If you're looking for sweet over sour, you might not be a fan, but this brand is certainly offering something original.

The Classiest: Decoy

Stick your pinky out and sample a sip of a wine-based hard seltzer from the brand Decoy. It's one of the lowest-calorie options on the market, with subtle-but-classy flavors like lemon and ginger. They're technically wine spritzers, but we won't tell if you won't.

Find the Best Bespoke Hard Seltzers at Yeasty Brews

Sometimes drinks are popular because they're good. How could you avoid falling in love with the fizzy, fruity flavor of hard seltzers? We hope this list helps you discover a new favorite for the next time you kick back and relax in the Florida sunshine!

If you're looking for something truly unique, however, you'll have to stop by Yeasty Brews to sample something from our rotating menu of handcrafted hard seltzer. Our bold flavors and all-natural ingredients deliver a high-octane experience you won't find with other types of seltzers! Take a peek at the menu, then stop by to experience the difference for yourself.