How to Become an Expert Beer Drinker

You may enjoy a pint every weekend, but you can become an expert beer drinker right now! Learn how to become a beer expert in this quick guide.

The Best Hard Seltzers of 2023

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Are you looking for your new go-to hard seltzer? Read here for the best hard seltzers of 2023 to find your new favorite flavor and brand.

It’s time for a QUIZ! What type of beer are you?

Let’s begin with a little lesson about beer. Before you decide what type of beer you are, we want to educate you on the differences. There are only two main types of beer – lager and ale – and the others that you are already thinking of, derived from these two types.

Get Ready For The Flight of Your Life; We’re Talking About a Beer Flight!

A flight of beers. . . It’s a wonderful thing – it’s a sampler platter, a master class and a party, all wrapped into one little treat that’s bursting with flavor and delivering fresh and unique bursts of the unknown to that palate of yours. Some might even consider it a beer charcuterie! Too much? Just go with us here!

Debunking Common Beer Myths

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Do vegans drink beer? Of course they do, but what beer drinkers might not know is that not all beer is vegan. This is one of those “vegetarianism myths” that actually proves to be correct, at least some of the time. Different brands and brewers have different recipes and techniques and different beers may have other flavorings to make them unique.