4 of the Best Craft Beer Styles for Summertime Drinking (Pilsners/Lagers, Hard Seltzers, IPAs)

The heat of summer is finally here and what better to pair it with than a cold beer? We’re going

to take a look at some of the best craft beer styles for summertime drinking and prepare you for

a season of tasty, malty deliciousness and the best part, Yeasty Brews makes all these brews that are perfect for this hot South Florida weather. In line for this article, we have four staple styles in the craft beer industry that are must-haves for this coming heat:

● Lagers

● Pilsners

● Hard Seltzers

● IPAs


Heading our list of the best summertime craft beer styles, we have the lager. Lagers contain a

crisp taste and mouthfeel with room to experiment with the style. From ambers to smoked

lagers, these light and delicious beers appeal to anyone. They emphasize drinkability and

are a great fit for the summertime weather. In these beers, you get a classic ‘beer’ flavor with

delightful notes of berry and a firm malt taste. Lagers usually finish with a subtle taste of the hop

additions and the yeast strains used.


A pilsner is a light and often dry-hopped lager with floral and spicy German noble hop notes that

can be made into a beer for everyone’s palate. With so many classic and modern takes on this German and Czech-style beer, you’re bound to find one you love. Pilsners are a golden straw color with a clear body and thick white head. They’re crisp, super light, and remarkably refreshing, making them an ideal candidate for summertime drinking plans.

Hard Seltzers

Craft hard seltzers have made a name for themselves in recent years. They’ve become a

popular drink in general and a number of craft breweries have taken a stab at them. Hard seltzers leave tons of room for versatility – when you choose a flavor, you almost always know exactly what you’re getting. You can find a fruity hard seltzer and you can even find spicy ones, too. With a myriad of flavor options, hard seltzers are easily a top three ‘beer’ for the summer.

India Pale Ale

You’ll have a hard time not finding India Pale Ales on any kind of beer list. The IPA is so

versatile and so loved by the craft beer community that we would be remiss not to include it in

our summertime craft beer list. With powerful notes of citrus, pine and stone fruit, IPAs are a

natural summertime pleasure. Their hop profiles range in flavor and combine with the different

malts used to make fun, vibrant, sunny-weather beers.

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