Best beer styles for newbie craft beer drinkers!(stouts, IPAs, sours, and blonde ales)

If you’re new to the craft beer scene, it can be tough to find a new style to try. With so many options, how could you possibly choose one? Luckily for you, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best beer styles for new craft beer drinkers to try.

The best craft beer styles to try as a newbie are IPAs, stouts, sours, and blonde ales. These styles range in variety and flavor, as well as alcohol level, and offer a versatile selection of beginner picks.

Continue reading for more details about each style, as well as specific suggestions for beers of each style, including ones from Broward County, Florida!

The best craft beer styles to try and what they taste like

The best beers to try for new craft drinkers are India Pale Ales (IPAs), stouts, sours, and blonde ales. You’re probably wondering why! Well keep reading. These three styles are approachable and each contain a wide range of substyles that can appeal to any craft beer drinker, including new ones.

Milkshake India Pale Ales

IPAs are the bread and butter of the recent craft beer game. They utilize bold hop flavors with balanced malt tastes to create beers that are just as unique as they are approachable. There are plenty of options to choose from (Hazy, Session, Double, Milkshake and more), making it easy to find one you like.

Our Milkshake IPAs are probably one of the best in Broward County and our Hop Bombs Milkshake IPA is our award winning beer, where we hold a medal from the 2022 Best Florida Beer Festival, to prove that! Our Hop Bombs Milkshake IPA is clocking in at 7.5% ABV and Hopped with citra, idaho-7, bru-1, hallertau + lactose and vanilla bean for a totally crazy mouthwatering explosion experience!


Stouts are another great place to start if you just got into craft beer. Discover all the coffee, cocoa, and roasted nut flavors you can imagine within the world of these dark beers. Stouts are another versatile style that can quickly appeal to any palate.

A formidable stout to get your hands on as a new guy in the craft beer world would have to be Conscious Slumber from Dangerous Minds Brewing in Broward County, Florida. At a wholesome 9.5%, this stout contains flaked oats and chocolate for a sweet and bitter taste. The best of both worlds!


Sours are also new to craft beer and have become an instant favorite among new beer drinkers. These beers have a wide range of flavors and often taste like the fruit used to brew them.

A good starter to try is Dogfish Head Miami’s SeaQuench Ale. It has a fresh blend of sour and sweetness that is utterly refreshing and enjoyable for a large demographic of beer drinkers – from new to veteran, nearly anyone can indulge in this beer and truly appreciate the flavors.

Blonde Ales

Blonde ales are a fun style to try when you first get into craft beer. They’re a light and flavorful beer that showcase the finite details of brewing. With notes of citrus and floral, these beers are drinkable, especially in the South Florida heat and humidity. A perfect brew to enjoy on a typical Florida day when spent outside!

A staple in the realm of blonde or golden ales is Kona Brewing’s Big Wave. Big Wave can be found just about anywhere and is always a thirst-quenching pickup. This beer contains bright hop notes and sweet malt flavor with a 4.4% ABV.

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