After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University, we met and fell in love. Not long after, I encouraged Daniel to quit his desk job and pursue his passion of brewing beer. What a great woman ;)

Brewing became way more than a hobby.. It was an obsessive passion. Glad I can finally admit that. Beer is more than just a beverage.. It’s a craft you can build with your own two hands, it’s a community; Dang, it’s what gets us through life... At least for me.....

Daniel spent the next few years brewing at some of our favorite places including LauderAle and Ft Myers Brewing Company. At this point, his love for brewing was basically bursting at the seams. I have never seen someone so passionate about something. It inspired me and I knew I had to be a part of it.

After a few...too many, home brews and a lot of laughs, Yeasty Brews was born...that beer was cloudy as hell! YEAST BOMB


We want to create a place where friends can get together, have fun, chill out and get inspired!

We believe in using fresh natural ingredients, keeping it local as much as possible, and creating a tasty brew our friends can enjoy as much as we do!

-Double D’s

TAPROOM: 3944 NW 19th St Lauderhill FL 33311 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION