The future of the craft beer industry through Yeasty Brews’ Perception

Being a local brewery right here in Lauderhill, Florida, we have personally seen a spike in craft breweries popularity. As such, the number of local craft breweries have skyrocketed throughout the Broward County area. What does this mean for craft beer?

Let’s take a closer look at the future of the South Florida Craft Brewery industry and some of the current trends that could make or break it for some breweries.

Current trends in craft beer
India Pale Ales, seltzers and sours are currently dominating the craft beer scene at the moment. Although there’s still love for traditional styles like pilsners and stouts, the IPAs, seltzers and sours are leading the way in popularity right now. Does this mean breweries need to have one or a few of these styles on tap? Well, the good news most of them already do. IPAs have been in high demand since the early 2000s and although sours and seltzers are a relatively new phenomenon in craft beer, most breweries are making at least one to keep up with demand.

What do these trends mean for the future of craft beer and what inferences can we make?

The United States reached a record number of new breweries in 2021; for instance, 710
breweries opened their doors and 176 closed. With this amount of suppliers, can we
expect to see each new brewery sticking around for more than a few years? To be
fair, only time will tell. The future of craft beer is extremely bright. Brewers, like our head brewer Daniel Pfaffenbach, are still innovating new fun styles and ways to make and think about beer. There is no shortage of demand, so the likelihood of success for each new microbrewery is super high. When a new brewery opens and word gets out, local beer drinkers are more than happy to indulge in a few new drinks from a new source. As long as new breweries are willing to create good beer, there will always be a demand for it.

What can craft breweries do to secure a future in their industry?

The best thing craft breweries can do right now is develop their brand and stick to it. By
differentiating themselves from the competition in some way shape or form, craft breweries will
come out on top and will remain here to stay. As these breweries make a name for themselves
at the local level and increase in popularity, they’ll need to adapt to changes in the beer industry
and produce what’s going to sell. Just a few years ago, it was IPAs and now, it’s sours and seltzers. Who knows what the next beer trend will be, but craft breweries will be on the lookout for it and will be quick to hop on trends to secure a place in the future of craft beer.

About Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers

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