South Florida Brewery Tour: An Epic Craft Beer Odyssey

The Ultimate 3 Day Craft Beer Odyssey: Your South Florida Brewery-Hopping Itinerary

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating beer-infused adventure through the vibrant and thriving craft beer scene of South Florida? Get ready to indulge in the perfect balance of frothy fun, tantalizing flavors, and breathtaking discoveries.

Polish your tasting glasses and unleash your taste buds as you delve into the diverse and ever-expanding world of craft beer. Gather your friends and join us on a journey filled with hoppy delights, rich aromas, and unique brewing techniques.

As you hop from one brewery to another, you’ll witness the passion and creativity that goes into crafting each pint of liquid gold. Experience the warm hospitality of the local brewers, learn about their brewing processes, and savor the distinct character of each carefully crafted brew.

So, buckle up and prepare for a memorable expedition along the South Florida craft beer trail. Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories, newfound beer knowledge, and an appreciation for the artistry behind every pint. Cheers to an incredible beer adventure! 🍻

Day 1: The East Coast Expedition

Kickstart your voyage at the legendary Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park. Super happy NEWS for the craft beer revolution about the original founders of Funky Buddha Brewery, as Ryan and KC Sentz have just recently reacquired their brewery back from Constellation. Funky Buddha Brewery is renowned for its imaginative, culinary-inspired brews like Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, it’s the perfect place to set the tone for your brewery-hopping extravaganza.

Next on our adventure, we embark on a journey to Yeasty Brews in Lauderhill, a must-visit destination for craft beer enthusiasts. Situated in the heart of the blossoming city of Lauderhill in South Florida, this hidden gem beckons with its artisanal beers and lively ambiance. As you step inside, your senses are instantly greeted by a symphony of hoppy aromas, immersing you in an atmosphere brimming with the contagious enthusiasm of fellow beer aficionados. Indulge in their extensive range of meticulously crafted beers and seltzers, each offering a unique and tantalizing experience that promises to explode with flavor on your palate with each and every sip. 

Get ready for an unforgettable expedition into the world of craft beer at Yeasty Brews!

Day 2: The Miami Microbrew Meander

After a rejuvenating night’s sleep (and maybe a delicious brunch), it’s time to dive into the vibrant craft beer scene of Miami. 

Our first stop? 

J Wakefield Brewing– tucked away in the lively Wynwood district. Brace yourself for a taproom that’s out of this world, with its Star Wars theme, captivating your senses. But that’s not all – prepare for a taste bud adventure with their Florida Weiss, a mind-blowing masterpiece that sets the benchmark for sour beers throughout the region. Get ready to be amazed!

The afternoon calls for a visit to The Tank Brewing Company, a local treasure nestled in our vibrant neighborhood in Miami. Immerse yourself in their inviting ambiance, where the enticing aroma of premium cigars harmoniously mingles with the tantalizing scent of their exquisite brews. Each sip of their carefully crafted beers takes you on a flavor-filled journey, while the expertly paired cigars add an unexpected delight to your senses. Lose yourself in this extraordinary oasis where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Day 3: The Southern Sojourn

The final leg of our journey begins at MIA Beer Company in Doral, where their impressive 54 tap lines are a testament to the diversity and creativity of South Florida’s beer scene. Indulge in a tasting flight and marvel at the array of flavors and aromas in each brew.

We then proceed to the crowning jewel of our adventure, Wynwood Brewing Company. As Miami’s first craft brewery, this institution is the perfect spot to culminate our weekend of beer exploration. With its rich history and bold flavors, it captures the spirit and vibrancy of South Florida’s craft beer revolution.

Phew! That was quite the ride, wasn't it?

From tangy IPAs to full-bodied stouts, tart sours to crisp lagers, you’ve sipped, savored, and journeyed your way through South Florida’s dynamic craft beer landscape. You’ve tasted the heart of this incredible brewing community, the passion that bubbles in every glass, the stories that ferment in every barrel.

As the sun sets on your weekend adventure, pint glass in hand, you’ll find that this craft beer odyssey has been about more than just beer. It’s about the people, the places, and the passion that fuels South Florida’s craft beer revolution. So, raise your glass and toast to the memories you’ve made, the brews you’ve discovered, and the countless adventures that await on the next round of your craft beer journey.

Here’s to you, fellow beer explorer!