How Important is a Beer Label Design?

Just how important is the design of a beer can? Does it make the beer more appealing? Does it taste better if it has a shiny label? The power of marketing is strong and it certainly plays a role inside our brains when we’re picking out a pack of beer at the store. But what influence does it have on our purchase?

Beer label design is vital in this day and age. With so much competition in the craft beer industry, it’s necessary to differentiate yourself from competitors – one great way to do this, is by designing an eye-catching label for your beer can or packaging.

Beer Label Design and Sales

The best labels for beer cans aren’t always the shiniest and they don’t always have a bunch of colors carelessly thrown together. The best ones are carefully crafted to appeal to the demographic that buys them. This is extremely important for breweries, like ourselves, like to challenge our status quo, and continue to not only produce high quality, amazing craft beer, but continue to entice our consumers with amazing designs that help to further tell our story, create loyalty, and help us stand out among the sea of breweries. 

If a can’s typography is hard to read and the colors make it difficult to see what the beer’s called, it will be difficult to sell. Beer label design is an art that’s mastered by the best breweries around. However, some renowned breweries have some not-so-great labels and they still sell well. Why is that? This is because they’ve already built their brand. Craft breweries that have been making great beer and have made a name for themselves strictly because of how good their product is, do not need fancy labels to sell their beer.

Changing Designs That Consumers Already Know

The biggest need that breweries have is for patrons to know it’s their beer. If a beer is well-known for its taste and has always been in the same packaging since inception, marketers need to carefully consider before changing the packaging. A sudden change in beer label design could distract loyal customers or make it difficult for them to find their beer. It could also alter their perception of the flavor of the beer, even if the ingredients and processes remain the same. During a beer label design change or rebrand, consumers might have some questions to ask: Did they change the beer? Is it different now? Why did they change the label? 

These are questions that brewers need to be able to answer whether in their campaigns or by letting the beer naturally speak for itself. These are some of the important aspects of design that marketers and breweries need to consider when creating or changing a beer label. 

At the end of the day, the label is what gets people to buy a 6 or 4-pack of beer from the store. The label is going to do the best job it possibly can of telling the customer exactly what to expect when they drink the beer, making it one of the most important pieces of a beer and its brewery.

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