Homebrewing Is Growing

Mystic Cat Brewing for Yeasty Brews’ 12th Homebrew Spotlight

Homebrewing used to be thought of as a hobby, but times have been changing. Slowly but surely many avid homebrewers are moving from hobby to career path. People used to homebrew from home for fun, to enjoy their craft, but now homebrewing is turning into a fun, competitive, and potential career path for avid homebrewers. Homebrewers don’t have to just let their friends be their taste testers anymore. Now you can enter different competitions and grow a name for yourself in the brewing industry. Some homebrewers have created a real name for themselves, a huge buzz surrounding their brew only increasing their chances of success if and when they decide to open up a brewery of their own. 

Some of the biggest names in the brewing industry were once avid homebrewers just trying to turn their dreams into reality. Even some of the greats from the South Florida area were just that, homebrewers that continued to hone into their craft and are now running successful breweries. Davy Martin from Orchestrated Minds, Adam Fine from Tarpon River Brewing, and our head brewer, Dan Pfaffenbach from Yeasty Brews just to name a few.

Homebrewers have shown to brew some pretty nice stuff over the years and homebrewers have really been able to show off their skills at events like LauderAle’s yearly Homebrew Competition and SFL Hops Homebrew Competition. Some breweries offer different spotlights like Yeasty Brews, who offers a monthly Homebrew Spotlight where a homebrewer can come in and brew a keg of their favorite brew with owner/head brewer, Dan, and the proceeds go to their charity of choice.

Homebrewing is a great way to really hone in on your craft, many homebrewers will continuously brew the same recipe, making little tweeks to it each time, which helps to evolve their recipe into a hopeful masterpiece. A great way to get your beer out there while homebrewing is to meet up at local breweries for bottle shares, they happen pretty often and are a great way to obtain feedback for your brews. A large number of beer enthusiasts show up to these shares and are oftentimes some of your local breweries best patrons.

Over the past years, homebrewing has brought on a necessary creative within the larger brewing industry. Brewing just lagers and pilsners with a few IPAs and stouts wasn’t good enough anymore. Beer enthusiasts and homebrewers alike have all wanted to see more creativity coming from the brewing industry. Since then, we’ve seen a number of different styles take off, like fruited/kettle sours, milkshake IPAs, hazy IPAs, and pastry stouts among many others. Homebrewers have helped to create new and fun excitement in the brewing industry by continuously pushing the limits of beer brewing.

Homebrewing is growing, it’s a chance to grow your craft, it’s a great opportunity to play around with different recipes on a smaller scale and really grow a recipe to perfection. It’s a chance to have fun brewing and not necessarily take the process too seriously. It’s the perfect chance to flourish your craft and turn your every weekend hobby into your main money maker. If you’ve been contemplating doing brewing full time or venturing into turning brewing into a real business opportunity – this is your sign to grab the paddle and make some moves! There’s no time like the present and the brewing industry isn’t going anywhere.

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