Nestled in the heart of South Florida, Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers is a hidden gem that continues to redefine the local craft brewery scene. Located just 12 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale, this brewery prides itself on offering a unique and unforgettable experience for beer enthusiasts and foodies alike.

The Yeasty Brews story began in December 2020 when founders and owners Dan & Denielle Martinelli, affectionately known as the “Double D’s”, opened their taproom and kitchen. Their passion for brewing innovative craft beers, hard seltzers, and serving delectable food in a funky, fun environment quickly made Yeasty Brews a go-to spot for locals and visitors. The brewery’s bartenders, Cameron Keeve and Darius Horne, ensure that every guest feels welcomed and has a memorable time.


What sets Yeasty Brews apart from other Fort Lauderdale breweries is its commitment to hand-crafted, small-batch beers and hard seltzers made with fresh, natural ingredients. The brewmasters at Yeasty Brews are culinary artists who delight in pairing unique flavors together, ensuring that guests never find the typical craft beer offerings when they visit. With a rotating beer menu, there is always something new to try and enjoy.

Yeasty Brews is not just about the beer. They also offer a diverse selection of seltzers, wine, soda, kombucha, and iced tea, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect drink of choice. With such an extensive range of beverages, it’s no wonder Yeasty Brews has become a favorite among the Fort Lauderdale brewery scene.

Complementing the exceptional drinks is Yeasty Brews’ mouthwatering food menu. With options ranging from appetizers like Lil Nugs (pretzel bites served with house queso blanco)

and Cool Beans (housemade garlic hummus) to heartier fare such as paninis and flatbreads, there is something to satisfy every craving. The delectable menu also features a selection of oversized cookies for those with a sweet tooth.


Yeasty Brews’ dedication to providing delicious, high-quality food is evident in every bite. Their dishes are created using only the finest ingredients and expertly prepared, making this local craft brewery stand out even more. Paired with their unique craft beers and hard seltzers, the food at Yeasty Brews is guaranteed to leave your taste buds wanting more.

The Yeasty Brews Experience

The atmosphere at Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers is yet another reason why it’s a top local brewery in South Florida. The laid-back environment is perfect for catching the big game, enjoying a first date, or simply having a fun night out with friends. Trivia nights every Thursday along with their newest addition of Friday Night Music Bingo, adds a touch of friendly competition to the mix, creating an inviting space for all.

Yeasty Brews, Local Brewery in Fort Lauderdale

Booking Your Next Event

For those looking to host a special event, Yeasty Brews can accommodate parties of up to 75 people. From engagements and birthdays to team-building and networking events, their Lauderhill, FL brewery has everything needed to make your gathering a success.

Your Favorite Local Brewery

Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers is not your average Fort Lauderdale brewery. Its unique approach to crafting beers and hard seltzers, coupled with a delectable food menu and a vibrant atmosphere, makes it a standout in the local craft brewery scene. Whether you’re a longtime beer aficionado or simply seeking a fresh, fun spot to unwind, Yeasty Brews offers an unparalleled experience that keeps people coming back for more. With its innovative beverages, scrumptious food, and welcoming environment, Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers has earned its place as a top local brewery in South Florida.