Does Music Help Create New Ways For You to Experience Your Beer?

Live Music Performance at Yeasty Brews

Does music change the way beer tastes? Do the vibrations in a loud bar alter the way people

perceive taste? Some people believe that yes, music affects the way beer tastes. It’s no doubt

that eating uses more than just two senses – smell and taste. Would it be so silly to think that

another sense would help us perceive different flavors or textures of food and drink?

Here at Yeasty Brews, we truly believe music has a huge impact on the way one perceives the experience of any particular beer. 

And here’s why…

According to the Washington Post, listening to music can alter the way we perceive flavors in

foods and drinks, including beer. The article mentions that, if you listen to high-pitched music while drinking a beer, it may come off sweeter and lighter tasting. On the other hand, if you listen to low-pitched music, you might perceive your beer to be heavier or even stronger.

The article also puts out previous research that tells us that the piano will help us perceive a

drink as sweeter than we would if we weren’t listening to the instrument and that listening to instruments like the trumpet or trombone made the drink taste bitter.

What Does This Tell Us About Beer?

It’s safe to say that yes, music does affect the way beer tastes. It may be too minuscule of an

impact to really notice if you’re just having a beer at the bar with music playing in the background, but if you really tried to see a difference through controlled research, you would surely notice. This means that drinking something like an IPA at a rock concert with lots of heavy instruments might make it seem more bitter or stronger than it is. Vice versa, drinking a blonde ale during an orchestral performance might make the beer appear sweeter.

Best advice we can give you is to put this theory to the test! 

Check out our events to see what day we have live music playing and see if your beer experience is enlightened! 

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