Craft Beers vs. Mass Produced Beers

Ever wonder the differences between craft beer 🍻 and mass produced beer? You’re in luck – that’s what this blog is all about! There’s no time like the present, so let’s take a deep dive into what makes all the difference between craft beer and mass producing brews. You would think it’s just the obvious that craft beer is smaller batches and mass produced beers are brewed on a much larger scale, but it’s more than just that. Without further ado… let’s dig in! 💯

Of course, mass producing beers gives you the ability to create your brews on a larger scale, but you know one of the coolest things about craft beers, when we produce brews whether on a bit of a larger scale than normal or a regular sized brew, we can divide that batch into any number of beers. We can take a stout and barrel it in a tequila barrel, then barrel the rest of it in a rum barrel, or one portion can be left as is without barreling, and we can even add adjuncts to another. Craft breweries have so many options when it comes to custom tailoring their brews. The sky truly is the limit and the world is your oyster.

Unfortunately for craft breweries, brewing on a smaller scale can run the bill up quite a bit. Mass produced beers are much, much cheaper to produce because they use cheaper ingredients which reduces the companies bottle line. But those of us that truly appreciate a fine craft beer, know that it’s worth the extra couple of dollars. When you sip on that fresh, crisp IPA from one of your favorite local breweries you appreciate the work it takes to brew and the specialty flavors you can’t get in a mass-produced beer.

Craft breweries take the time to focus on the palate of the beer they produce, it’s not just about producing a ton of beer, it’s about creating beer that caters to a specific taste and palate. Like grapefruit IPA’s, milkshake IPA’s, or fruit-forward lagers and pilsners among others, many craft breweries use real fruits to craft these speciality brews. Craft breweries can tailor their beers due to brewing on a much smaller scale than mass producing. Mass producing a grapefruit IPA would more than likely have no real grapefruit in the beer at all, it would use artificial sweaters to obtain a grapefruit-like flavor.

Mass-produced beers are all served the same way, ice cold. You know what’s great about craft beers – they change in flavor depending on the temperature of the beer. Most craft beers are served between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit as these temperatures really allow the flavors in the beer to come forward. If you’re a known stout drinker, you know the best way to drink a stout is to order another beer at the same time and let your stout rest and warm up, by the time you’re done with your first brew that stout will be ready for you to really get a full taste of all the flavors and hard work put into the brewing process of that stout.

One of the most unnoticed differences between craft beer and mass produced beer is the nutrient quality. There are of course, light beers that may be less calorie rich that are mass produced, but that doesn’t take into account the nutrients. Craft beers are often times packed with different nutrients. This is obvious to say that drinking craft beer doesn’t count for taking your vitamins – so don’t skip that multivitamin – but know next time you sip on that craft beer you’re getting some different vitamins and prebiotics that are great for you!

There are a ton of differences between craft brewed beer and mass produced beer. Now that we’ve got our education on and we know the clear winner is CRAFT BEER, go on out and quit buying all of these mass produced brews and try out your local craft breweries. You’ll for sure make some new friends and your tastebuds will thank you for giving them all of that craft beer goodness.

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