Class and Sophistication: A Brew Collaboration Uniting Unique Flavors and Brewing Brilliance!

Class and Sophistication: Unveiling a Unique Brew Collaboration!

It’s not every day that the stars align to bring together passionate brewers to craft something truly spectacular, but that’s exactly what unfolded on July 20th! The air buzzed with excitement as Yeasty Brews hosted a thrilling three-way collaboration with Savage Lyfe Beer Co. and YAH Brew from Hershey, PA, creating a concoction that’s all about ‘Class and Sophistication’!

This unique collaboration resulted in a tantalizing Milkshake IPA, hitting a perfect 7.5% ABV, destined to rock the world of every craft beer enthusiast. It’s an exciting fusion of refreshing Mandarina hops, zesty orange, and creamy vanilla, creating a symphony of flavors that we’ll eventually top off with some heavenly soft serve ice cream. We’re gearing up for its release both on draft and in specialty cans to go, so keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready!

A Blend of Distinct Brewing Styles

Currently operating out of Unbranded Brewing Co., in Miami, is planning a foray into the world of brewing, intending to specialize solely in the production and sale of wood-aged Stouts, Dopplebocks, Barleywines, Pilsners, and Lagers. They’re extending their craft to blend different styles and batches, resulting in the creation of rare and unique flavors, an attribute that brings an extra layer of excitement to our collaboration!

A distinguished female-owned brewery, grounding its roots in Hershey, PA. Their focus on executing new-aged styles is beautifully balanced by their proficiency in traditional beers and techniques. Their unique ‘90s branding triggers a wave of nostalgic excitement, drawing inspiration from characters, music, movies, and pop-culture references of the fabulous decade.

Brewing Magic Together

The collaboration was a harmonious dance of brewing techniques, innovative ideas, and a shared love for crafting exceptional beers. It was a day marked by laughter, learning, and the shared pursuit of brewing excellence, each brewery bringing its unique flair to the table. ‘Class and Sophistication’ is not just a brew; it’s a representation of unity, diversity, and the boundless possibilities within the world of craft beer.

The essence of this Milkshake IPA is a reflection of this collaborative spirit. It’s a concoction that promises a taste of innovation, a hint of nostalgia, and a whole lot of fun! The infusion of refreshing citrus with creamy vanilla, enhanced by the unique touch of Mandarina hops, brings forth a brew that’s a celebration of collaborative brilliance and brewing passion.

Anticipating the Release

‘Class and Sophistication’ is not just a delightful sip; it’s an experience, an exploration of flavors and brewing arts. It’s about the joy of discovery, the excitement of innovation, and the bliss of enjoying a well-crafted brew. We’re ecstatic about unveiling this brew to the world, and we can hardly wait for you to join us in this thrilling journey, to savor, celebrate, and explore the magic that happens when passionate brewers unite!

The ‘Class and Sophistication’ Milkshake IPA

…Is rolling out soon, a splendid testament to the innovative spirits of Yeasty Brews, Savage Lyfe Beer Co., and YAH Brew. It’s a brew that promises not just a burst of delightful flavors, but a journey through the art, passion, and collaboration that defines the world of craft beer. So, here’s to the upcoming adventures and to the joy of sharing a brew that’s all about class, sophistication, and a whole lot of brewing fun!