Get Ready For The Flight of Your Life; We’re Talking About a Beer Flight!


Flight Board At Yeasty Brews

A flight of beers. . . It’s a wonderful thing – it’s a sampler platter, a master class and a party, all wrapped into one little treat that’s bursting with flavor and delivering fresh and unique bursts of the unknown to that palate of yours. Some might even consider it a beer charcuterie! Too much? Just go with us here!

The concept is quite simple and also genius. If you have ever been to a brewery in Fort Lauderdale, you may have eyed it on the menu or have seen others with one in front of them. All too often, breweries have a variety (ranging from 5 to upwards of 15 or more) delicious beers on tap. Yes, it’d be great to say that eventually you’d make it back and try all of the varieties, but we’re telling you now- it won’t happen! That is mostly due to the fact that beer doesn’t remain on tap for extended periods of time unless it is continuously being brewed on a recurring basis. In many small local craft breweries, experimentation and changing flavors is on the menu, especially here at Yeasty Brews, which results in new beers with fresh new flavors being tapped all the time. 

So, you ask, how do you get your hands on these exotic beers at least once to give them a tasting? BEER FLIGHT! You choose a selection of sample-sized brews to try back-to-back. In most cases, the beers are tasted from lightest to darkest to ensure you can appreciate the intense flavors that each one has to offer.

A typical flight consists of four to six small glasses, each featuring just a few ounces. You’ll wind up consuming about a pint’s worth of beer during a flight, making it a great way to try a variety of brews or craft seltzers without having to drink a full glass of each, without knowing what your true flavor of love is!

Another fun option for designing your own flight is having some friends over and doing it right in the comfort of your own home! All you need are a set of beers, a few friends to share with, and a bunch of identical small cups so all the brews are on equal footing. Stop into Yeasty Brews and try one of our magical flights. When you are looking for a craft brewery near you, head to Yeasty Brews. 


About Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers

Yeasty Brews opened its taproom and kitchen in December 2020 giving people a place to enjoy flavorful craft beers and hard seltzers in a funky, fun, welcoming environment. Founded by the Double D’s, Dan & Denielle, who love bringing awesome people together over delicious drinks and food. Our menu is classic and satisfying with a little something for everyone’s palate. If you are looking for a place to vibe out and chill then stop in today! Your tastebuds will thank you and the beers are delectable.